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Obvious Ventures is located in the heart of the Presidio in San Francisco. Our entrance is on Graham Street, just north of the SFFD Fire Station. When you see WWII ballistics and cannonballs, you’re in the right place. Walk through the double doors, turn right, and head to the end of the hall. Suite 120 is the last office on the left.

220 Halleck Street,
Suite 120 San Francisco,
CA 94129 USA

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Discovering new drugs by combining very high throughput biochemistry and machine learning.
Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments. We save teachers the time and trouble of grading, and give students instant feedback to increase their engagement. We can convert teachers’ handwritten content to formatted digital text that can be remixed and shared with other teachers. At Bakpax, we believe that what education actually needs is “un-tech.” Giving computers and tablets to every primary and secondary student is too expensive, even in the U.S. But students the world over already have access to paper and phones. Paper, whether loose sheet or books, is still the fundamental technology platform of education. It stands to reason that learning technology must be based on tech that the entire world already has or can easily get. Which pretty much means just paper and phones.
Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat
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Beyond Meat specializes in providing plant-based meat. The company aims to make a positively impact on four growing global issues such as human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare. Its plant-based meats are made by combining expert innovation with simple, non-GMO ingredients. Beyond Meat's products offer greater or equal protein levels than their animal counterparts, no cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones.
Block is a platform transforming the $450 billion renovation industry. Doing a home renovation is a very stressful and hard process. Our mission is to give homeowners a better way to improve the spaces they live in, and to give contractors a better way to work. Block simplifies the renovation process and gives homeowners certainty on outcomes, quality, price, and time. We are building an ambitious, tenacious, and creative team who is unafraid of tackling new challenges. The founders are former leaders at Casper, HuffPost, and Rent the Runway. Investors include New Enterprise Associates, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Obvious Ventures, Giant Ventures, and more.
We believe in the power of technology to transform the way we build. It is our mission to improve the quality and affordability of the places where we live, work, sleep, and play, while simultaneously improving the working conditions of the people who build these spaces. We are creating a new class of machine for construction that empowers the current workforce to be dramatically more productive and free from repetitive, physically taxing, and dangerous tasks. We are not yet ready to unveil what we are working on but it's akin to replacing a shovel with an excavator for a vitally important building trade.
21 jobs is the world's largest online social action platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
Corvus Insurance is a leading provider of commercial insurance products built on advanced data science, with an AI-driven approach to empowering brokers and policyholders to better predict and prevent loss. With each Smart Commercial Insurance® policy, Corvus supplies proprietary Dynamic Loss Prevention® reports to inform policyholders of critical risk areas and provide actionable security recommendations. Founded in 2017, Corvus is comprised of a team of veteran entrepreneurs from the insurance and technology industries.
DarwinAI is an Artificial Intelligence startup located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Based on years of distinguished scholarship by its academic founders, DarwinAI's technology enables accelerated deep learning at the edge through its unique approach to building optimized deep neural networks. Specifically, our patented Generative Synthesis technology automatically generates highly optimized deep neural networks that are orders of magnitude smaller without sacrificing functional accuracy. Moreover, the Generative Synthesis technology understands the inner workings of deep neural networks to facilitate ‘explainable’ deep learning - the ability to understand why a network makes the decisions it does. DarwinAI’s two core offerings – optimization and explainability – enable powerful deep neural networks to be deployed in edge-based scenarios where computational and bandwidth resources are limited. In addition, our technology addresses privacy and performance concerns by enabling sensitive data to be processed locally, reducing the need to send it to the cloud while dramatically improving inference speed.
Devoted Health is a new healthcare company serving seniors. Our mission is to build a health care plan that treats every member like they were one of our own family. We are devoted to the health and wellness of our members by helping them navigate the healthcare system with personal guides, by utilizing world-class technology to enable a simplified experience, and by partnering with top providers for better health outcomes.
Diamond Foundry Inc. makes certified diamonds in California with a zero carbon footprint and offers diamond jewelry from award-winning independent designers on its curated marketplace.
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Enervee is the world's first platform-oriented company that drives energy efficiency and consumer engagement through a suite of innovative SaaS products that change how we buy energy-using products. We know the majority of us don’t care enough when it comes to buying the sorts of products that use energy. It’s no-one’s fault; fridges are simply not that exciting. But redesigning that process to buy is exciting. To make this a reality we combine world-class data science, behavioral science, software engineering and digital marketing. We’re a diverse mix of specialists and experts in our fields: data, behavior, design, marketing, engineering, energy, finance and client management, the list goes on. It’s not always easy combining these disciplines, but it means our outputs are innovative and our results are robust. For a challenge this large and complex, nothing less will do.
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Fair is an automotive FinTech company that’s revolutionizing car buying by offering unprecedented freedom, flexibility and an end-to-end mobile experience. We believe fairness matters. That’s why we’ve created a game-changing new app that lets you shop, get approved and pay for a car all on your phone with just a driver’s license and bank account. Get in-app approval for a monthly payment amount that works for you, then head to the dealership and check-out in minutes. You can drive your car for as long as you want, and return it any time you’re ready. That’s the Fair way to drive!